Bringing the Text to Life

Prodigious Children of God Mark 9:30-37

Prodigious Children of God

When we welcome a child, we welcome God.

At a Glance

Some uniquely gifted children are called "child prodigies" because of their ability to produce amazing, adult-level work or art at a very young age. These children, truly, are gifted and talented. Special. We're talking about these children, because, in today's gospel reading, Jesus pulls a child onto his lap. Every child, for Jesus, is a prodigious child of God. Jesus says that the greatest work of an adult disciple is to be like a child.

Editors' Pick

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In 2014, the Lifetime channel took a break from airing movies about women in peril. Instead, they sponsored an intelligence contest called Child Genius that offered a coveted prize of a $100,000 college fund along with bragging rights for being the smartest kid of the year.

The show followed 20 gifted kids from around the country as they prepared for the competition. They were given 16...

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