Bringing the Text to Life

For Shame! 2 samuel 11:26-12:13a

For Shame!

When is it hard to recognize bad behavior? When we're the ones behaving badly.

At a Glance

Flight attendants put up with a lot of crude and bizarre behavior. Now, they're posting some photos online that should shame all of us who are even thinking about behaving badly. This reminds us of the Instragram that the prophet Nathan shared with the king. Oops!

Editors' Pick

For material based on today's gospel text, see "The Message in the Munchies," August 2, 2009, at

People are the worst! Or, at least, they can be. Especially when they travel.

It's one thing to be stuck next to a mother with a baby's who's hollering. Not pleasant, but it's the luck of the draw. Babies will be babies. And, it's also one thing to be trapped by a nervous seatmate who keeps chatting, even though you've made it abundantly clear you'd rather read. It's quite another thing, however, if your seatmate starts to clip his toenails, or the mother stuffs a dirty diaper under your seat or in the seat pocket. Yes, this type of stuff happens.

It happens so often, in...

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