Bringing the Text to Life

Two Fish and a 3-D Printer John 6:1-21

Two Fish and a 3-D Printer

Jesus feeds the multitudes, and continues to feed us today.

At a Glance

There's a 3-D printer that can now print food! Perhaps the day is coming when, instead of cooking or baking -- we will be printing supper or printing an apple pie! No muss or fuss. Obviously, this leads us to the biblical text where Jesus is printing -- multiplying -- food for a hungry crowd of more than 5,000!

Editors' Pick

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In about 1439, Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press -- a short time ago, historically speaking. In the 576 years since, we've managed to take the old moveable type press from the print shop to the desktop in our homes, where nearly everyone has a printer that spits out perfectly-printed text in any one of a gazillion possible fonts at a rate that would have left Gutenberg in shock.

Then again, Gutenberg didn't have to deal with paper jams, ink priced roughly at the gold standard and stacks of old, dead printers in his hall closet.


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