Bringing the Text to Life

Coming Clean Psalm 24

Coming Clean

It is important to be pure when worshiping God.

At a Glance

The text asks who can ascend the hill of the Lord. The answer comes quickly: Those who have clean hands ... This reminds us of the question put to us by mom just as we were about to sit down at the supper table. It's a relevant question for us today, and we hear its echo in this psalm.

Editors' Pick

For material based on today's epistle text, see "The Gravity of Grace," July 13, 1997, at

To "come clean" is another way of saying to "fess up," or to tell all. Coming clean is a way of taking ownership or responsibility for one's misdeeds.

One hopes that there are not too many times when it is necessary to "come clean." Why live in such a way in which you're always having to fess up?

But when many of us were kids, "coming clean" was a common occurrence. A version of it happened just before arriving at the supper table: "Did you wash your hands?" mom asked. As kids, many of us heard that question all the time. It detoured us to the sink, on our way to...

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