Bringing the Text to Life

Take Nothing for the Journey Mark 6:1-13

Take Nothing for the Journey

When Jesus tells us to take nothing for the journey, it's an opportunity to leave our baggage behind.

At a Glance

If you have been at an airport at all in the last 15 years, you know that you're going to have to pass through security. And you know that there will be some uniformed officials who will explain what you can and cannot bring on an airplane. We got to thinking about what might be on the list of prohibited items. This is where we start as we begin our reflection of how Jesus sends out his disciples and what he means when he says "Take nothing for your journey."

Editors' Pick

For material based on today's epistle text, see "Soul-Scrubbing," July 6, 1997, at

It will come as no surprise to anyone today that you can't put guns, knives, crossbows, meat cleavers, box cutters, mace or similar items in your carry-on luggage and expect to be allowed to board an airliner.

But what's the problem with mascara, toothpaste, mouthwash, hair gel, yogurt, chocolate pudding or such in your bag? A few personal care items are permitted in very small...

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