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Listening for the Bible's Message Acts 3:12-19

Listening for the Bible's Message

Learning how to study a Bible passage helps us hear what God intends for us.

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Many people believe "the Jews killed Jesus." Perhaps this is not surprising given that in our text no less an authority than the apostle Peter explicitly makes this very claim. "You Israelites," he thunders. "You killed the Author of Life." So what do we do with this?

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A poll conducted by the Anti-Defamation League a little over a year ago found that 26 percent of Americans believe that the Jews killed Jesus.

That's a troublesome finding when we realize that the question isn't very specific. It doesn't ask, for example, if a "few Jews" or "certain Jews" or "some Jewish religious leaders" were involved in getting Jesus crucified. It also doesn't designate a time period, so that, although Jesus was killed in about A.D. 30, some people have considered Jews of every generation since as somehow complicit in Jesus' death.

And the question doesn't even touch on...

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