Bringing the Text to Life

Face Like Flint Isaiah 50:4-9a

Face Like Flint

On Palm Sunday, Jesus shows us that he was about to finish what he set out to do.

At a Glance

Players competing at poker championships try to read their opponents' emotions or "tells" to discern the strength or weakness of a hand. On the other hand, they themselves try to maintain a "poker face." The same concept seems to emerge in the Isaiah text. The "Servant" sets his "face like flint." Why?

Editors' Pick

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He rose to fame as The Man With No Name.

Clint Eastwood's breakout movie role was as a mysterious drifter in the low-budget spaghetti Westerns of Italian director Sergio Leone. Eastwood's character -- like so many similar roles that would follow in the years to come -- is noted for displaying little emotion, apart from his trademark teeth-gritting grimace. He's been described as "a morally ambiguous antihero."

Leone once explained why he chose Eastwood for those roles: "At that time I needed a...

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