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From Anthro to Theo Psalm 111

From Anthro to Theo

In an age when humans are shaping the earth, our challenge is to be Christians shaped by God.

At a Glance

Today's psalm helps us move from being anthropocentric to being theocentric in all areas of life. We got started thinking along these lines when we read an article in Scientific American about what some are calling the Anthropocene era in which we live. Humans so dominate this geologic period of time, that they are even creating their own rock, called plastiglomerate. The psalm helps us shed our anthropocentricity and embrace a theocentric locus in our life.

Editors' Pick

For material based on today's epistle text, see "Seasoned with Love," February 1, 2009, at


It comes from the Greek word for "human."

You see it in anthropology, the scientific study of the origin, development and behavior of humans; in anthropometry, the study and technique of human body measurement; and in "Anthro," a fictional character created by DC Comics. A Cro-Magnon born to Neanderthal parents, he is presented in comic books as the very first boy.

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