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Kintsukuroi Christianity Acts 19:1-7

Kintsukuroi Christianity

Life breaks us, but then God makes us stronger and more beautiful in the broken places.

At a Glance

They call it kintsukuroi. It's an art form that not only repairs shattered pottery, but enhances and illuminates the cracks with a lacquer laced with gold.

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Golden repair.

Japanese artists often do this when a precious piece of pottery has been broken. After mixing lacquer resin with powdered gold, they use the resin to put the broken pieces together. What they end up with is a pot with cracks in it, but the cracks are filled with gold.

They call it kintsukuroi (keen-tsoo-koo-roy). Golden repair.

Such restoration creates a gorgeous piece of art and makes a philosophical statement as well. Kintsukuroi asserts that breakage and repair is part of the unique history of an object, rather than something to deny or disguise.

We need more golden repair in our lives, because we so often hide our brokenness.

A friend hurts us deeply, and we retreat inside...

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