Bringing the Text to Life

Christians Behaving Badly Isaiah 64:1-9

Christians Behaving Badly

When otherwise "normal" people travel abroad, becoming tourists, they often do bizarre and unattractive things.

At a Glance

Whether we're traveling for pleasure or we're away on business, one thing is certain: Many of us will act like fools. That's right, when given the opportunity, many of us turn into annoying or downright destructive monsters when we're far from home. And while this isn't a surprise, the big question is "Why!?"

Editors' Pick

For material based on today's epistle text, see "Cardboard Ringers" November 27, 2005, at

People do dumb and annoying things, especially when they're far from home and think no one's watching.

Perhaps you've been on vacation, traveling abroad on some exotic island, only to have the serenity of your surroundings interrupted by the sound of a clearly inebriated American barking orders at locals, insisting they point him back to the cruise ship.

Maybe you've heard stories from your parishioners about coworkers who use business travel as a chance to act like coeds on spring break.

Of course, everyone's had the...

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