Bringing the Text to Life

Gyroscopic Grace Matthew 18:15-20

Gyroscopic Grace

or, How to get Right-Side Up When Your World Is Upside Down

At a Glance

No matter how you twist and turn your tablet or smartphone, the images manage to move right with you. Thanks to a nifty little thing called a gyroscope, everything stays "right-side up." Don't you wish relationships had a gyroscope? Wouldn't it be nice, if, no matter how turned around things got, there was always a way to get right-side up?

Editors' Pick

For material based on today's OT text, see "Cord Blood," September 5, 1999, at

It's like magic, isn't it? No matter how many times you turn or twist that smartphone or tablet of yours, the screen turns and twists right along with you, keeping whatever it is you're looking at right-side-up, no matter what.

Chances are, the first time you encountered this feature -- now standard on just about every piece of mobile technology -- it made you smile, or maybe even laugh out loud. We're not used to things righting themselves. Typically, if something's out of whack in life, we notice it...

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