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Bible Badgers Romans 10:5-15

Bible Badgers

The auto-correct function on our phones is great, but it weeds to be fine-tuna.

At a Glance

The auto-correct feature on your phone sometimes makes for embarrassing communication faux pas, making you say something completely different than you meant. The same thing can happen in the Christian life when "faith" gets translated into "law."

Editors' Pick

For material based on today's gospel text, see "Day-timers and Begging Bowls," August 11, 1996, at

If you've tried typing on that tiny keypad on your smart phone, you know that it's pretty easy to make a mistake since your thumbs are as relative in size to the keys as LeBron James is to a Smart Car. Phone manufacturers know this, which is why they developed the ostensibly helpful feature called "auto-correct," which is supposed to correct your terrible typing into a discernible message for your friend, co-worker or loved one. Problem is that while auto-correct can read your typing, it can't read your mind; and the results are often, well, disturbingly hilarious. Some examples:

- Mom reacting to...

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