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The Apostle Paul Takes a Selfie Romans 7:15-25a

The Apostle Paul Takes a Selfie

Selfies are usually flattering or fun. The apostle's was neither.

At a Glance

Admit it. You've taken a selfie. It's not just for teenage girls -- even President Obama has been caught snapping a few. So perhaps you wouldn't be surprised to know that the apostle Paul has taken a self-portrait and shared it with the world. But, like so many selfies, what he shares isn't all that pretty.

Editors' Pick

For material based on today's gospel reading, see "The Greatest Generation," July 4, 1999, at

Congratulations! You're part of the most photographed generation in history. With every store you waltz into, every intersection you skate through at the last possible second, every ATM you access and every family party you attend with Aunt Linda and her 40-megapixel Canon digital SLR that cost 8 million dollars slung around her neck, more and more pics of your beautiful mug are being snapped, saved and uploaded to some off-shore server than ever! Say cheeseburgers!

But truth be told, the greatest culprit in our photo-obsessed society isn't...

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