Bringing the Text to Life

Beware the Narrowed Pleasure Romans 6:12-23

Beware the Narrowed Pleasure

Sin is a "narrowed pleasure" that worsens our life and leads to "iniquicide"

At a Glance

We begin with a website for serious bicycle riders called Strava. It's a site where individual times for specific routes can be posted. Riders will try to beat those times, and it has led to death. This takes us to Romans 6 where the apostle Paul addresses a similar problem.

Editors' Pick

For material based on today's gospel text, see "Living Literally," June 29, 2008, at

There's a new word emerging among serious bicyclists. It's stravacide, and the "cide" suffix has the same meaning as it does in words like homicide (death caused by a human), suicide (death caused by oneself), fratricide (death caused by a brother), pesticide (death caused to a pest) and the like. The suffix cide means "the act of killing."

So, strava-cide is death by strava. But what is strava?

Strava, which is Swedish for "strive," is the name of a website intended to help cyclists who don't have fellow riders with whom to train. It offers...

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