Bringing the Text to Life

Consider the Ketchup Bottle 1 Peter 3:13-22

Consider the Ketchup Bottle

The ketchup bottle teaches us about transparency and suffering.

At a Glance

For more than 200 years, ketchup was a disgusting, toxic mix until Henry J. Heinz made a pure variety that he sold in clear glass bottles, showing the public exactly what was inside. That transparency made Heinz an iconic brand. That same kind of transparency can make Christians more palatable, too.

Editors' Pick

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It's the quintessential condiment found in  nearly every American refrigerator and every table in every real American diner. We put it on everything from eggs to fries to hot dogs, and the thicker the better. It takes some well-placed whacks on the bottle or a healthy squeeze to get it moving from bottle to plate, but, as the old commercial jingle said, "Anticipation" makes it worth the wait.

We're talking about ketchup, of course, which isn't something that people normally talk about, especially on a Sunday morning. In fact, we...

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