Bringing the Text to Life

G-O-A-T Acts 7:55-60


The label "goat" is usually an insult, following an egregious error in sports. But it can be a compliment.

At a Glance

Wilma Rudolph. Mariano Rivera. Serena Williams. Abby Wambach. Michael Phelps. Usain Bolt. And Stephen of today's Acts lection. It's possible that they're all GOATs.

Editors' Pick

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In the world of sports, being a goat is usually a negative.

You do something really bad -- something that messes up a game, a series or even your career.

Think baseball player Bill Buckner, who made a fielding error that cost the Red Sox game six of the 1986 World Series.

Or basketball player Chris Webber, who called a timeout that his team didn't have. His mistake caused the Michigan Wolverines to lose the 1993 NCAA championship.

One simple error and you become a sports goat.

But sometimes, being a goat is a good thing. As in G-O-A-T: Greatest Of All Time.

According to Fred Bowen of The Washington Post, New York Yankees pitcher Mariano Rivera is a GOAT. Probably the greatest relief...

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