Bringing the Text to Life

Doubtful Design John 20:19-31

Doubtful Design

What happens when we forget to leave space for faith?

At a Glance

It was in the news last fall, picked up by all the major media outlets: Architects for a very tall building in Spain (which included residences) neglected to design space for elevators to get occupants to the top floors. This leads to a discussion of our text in which we suggest that there are some key components which we should not fail to incorporate into the spiritual "design" of our lives. (UPDATED APRIL 21, NOTE: It has been brought to our attention that the media reports may not have been accurate. See this link: We were unaware of this link, and have checked to confirm the accuracy of this new information, and have not been able to do so. SNOPES does NOT have an item saying the elevator story is not completely accurate. It seems probable that whatever the precise details, this is a troubled project and there were elevator issues. The preacher, might simply use...

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