Bringing the Text to Life

Partial Love Acts 10:34-43

Partial Love

Something God cannot do: show partiality.

At a Glance

Parents usually profess to love their children equally, but in her book, The Favorite Child, Ellen Weber Libby says she discovered that many parents privately admit that they have a favorite child. The problem, says Libby, is not that one child might be preferred over another, but what the parent does with this knowledge. So, this leads us to discuss whether God has favorites.

Editor's Pick

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"Sometimes the dog is my favorite child -- not often, but sometimes she is."

So says Jill Smokler, a Chicago mother of three (not counting the dog), who admits she sometimes favors one child over another. Jill is at the forefront of a growing parenting trend: not being afraid to admit she sometimes has a favorite child.

For years, "I love you all equally" has been the instant response of parents, when asked by their children if one of them is the...

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