Bringing the Text to Life

The Hebrew Diary Isaiah 63:7-9

The Hebrew Diary

The turn of the calendar is a good time to ask for God's help in shaping us into the person God calls us to be.

At a Glance

Many famous people from a variety of walks of life have kept diaries. Perhaps you kept one when you were in middle school -- the kind with five entries per page, hardbound and with a little clasp, lock and key. Today's text reads like a diary. Will we find joy or sorrow on the pages of this text?

Editors' Pick

For material based on today's gospel text, see "Expensive Freedom," December 27, 1998, at

What do Alanis Morissette, Bob Dylan, Che Guevara, Alec Guinness, Courtney Love, Stevie Nicks, George S. Patton, Henry David Thoreau, Queen Victoria, Andy Warhol and -- wait for it -- John Wesley ... have in common?

This is a motley collection of names. The commonality is that they all kept or keep diaries. Probably some of us have as well -- but not all of us, for it takes a certain mindset and outlook to stick to daily journaling.

For example, one of the writers on the Homiletics team says that the idea of keeping a journal had long appealed to him, and he ...

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