Bringing the Text to Life

Total Reclamation Isaiah 35:1-10

Total Reclamation

Advent is a reminder that God has launched a reclamation plan for the whole world.

At a Glance

The "green" movement wants to reclaim the planet one CFL bulb, one desert or one tree at a time. Today's OT text suggests that not only can land be reclaimed, but lives as well.

Editors' Pick

For material based on today's gospel text, see "The Clothesline Christ," December 12, 2004 , at

"Total Reclaim" in the Seattle area wants to save the planet by recycling CFL bulbs. These are the energy-efficient, compact florescent bulbs that look like twisted strands of string cheese stuffed into a socket.

But what happens to these energy-efficient bulbs when they expire? They pollute the landscape like anything else. To rectify this situation, the Total Reclaim processing facility in South Seattle specializes in reclaiming CFL bulbs. The facility is filled to the rim with old fluorescent bulbs, where they are revived through recycling. The bulbs containing mercury in small amounts are handled as toxic waste, and the rest is broken down and reused. The bulbs...

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