Bringing the Text to Life

The Expat Christian Hebrews 11:1-3, 8-16

The Expat Christian

Living on foreign soil can often be irritating and confusing. And then there's the loneliness. But for now, living away from home is where Christians are called to be.

At a Glance

According to a United Nations report, more than 200 million expatriates are working in the world -- living somewhere other than their native land. That's a huge number of people. If expats had their own country, they'd be the fifth largest country on the planet. Why do we mention this? Because the epistle text for today is a sort of Expat Hall of Fame.

Editors' Pick

For material based on today's gospel text, see "Twit-Schatology," August 8, 2010, at

Said one expat: "I live away from home. The language is different. The customs are different. The food is gross. The people are loud, rude and they spit a lot. But for now it's home."

He was not talking about New York or Miami. But he does describe some of the realities of being an expat.

We've all been away from home on a temporary basis. We fly off to the Caribbean for a nice vacation and a few weeks of island life. In college, we may do a semester of study abroad in London, or in high school take part in...

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