Bringing the Text to Life

The Christian Goo-Goos Galatians 6:(1-6), 7-16

The Christian Goo-Goos

As Christians, we're supposed to be the good guys. Often, we aren't. What gives?

At a Glance

In the 1890s, political reformers were called "good government guys" or "goo-goos" for short. While good guys in government might seem like an oxymoron, being good is a requirement for Christians. How do we become "goo-goos" for Christ without burning out? Paul gives us the rundown.

Editors' Pick

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Have you ever been called a "goody two-shoes?" It's usually not a compliment, given that it's usually a title reserved for someone who's so good as to be annoying to regular, imperfect people. But did you ever wonder where that expression comes from? Turns out it's from a 1765 children's book about a poor, orphan girl named Margery Meanwell (she means well, get it?) who walks around forlornly with only one shoe until a wealthy benefactor gives her a new pair of shoes, after which she runs around town knocking on doors and telling...

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