Bringing the Text to Life

Marching Off the Map Acts 11:1-18

Marching Off the Map

The advent of GPS and online directions is causing a sharp decline in the use of traditional paper maps. Ditching the map, though, sometimes means ditching the big picture!

At a Glance

Remember the road maps you used to pick up for free at gas stations? They're disappearing, and they certainly aren't free. With the gospel being preaching to Gentiles, early Christians felt as though they were marching off the map. What would be next?

Editors' Pick

For material based on today's gospel reading, see "Face Blindness," May 6, 2007, at

Used to be that when you'd get the family

together for a long road trip; one of the parents (usually Dad, who refused to ask anyone for directions) would load up the glove box of the family truckster with those fold-out paper maps -- you know, the kind that featured an oil company logo on the front and never folded back to its original configuration!

Dad would go down to the local gas station, and while the attendant filled up the car, checked the oil, put free air in the tires and washed the windows, Pops would go inside and grab some free maps for the trip. If you were AAA members, though, Dad...

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