Bringing the Text to Life

Sewing and Reaping Acts 9:36-43

Sewing and Reaping

Your interests and skills reveal a call to mission.

At a Glance

In 2001, the American Sewing Guild established a Sewing Hall of Fame. We think that Dorcas of the Bible should have been its first inductee, -- posthumously, of course.

Editors' Pick

For material based on the gospel reading, see "Jesus Is Ovine Lingual," May 2, 2004, at

There are halls of fame for exemplary participants in all sorts of endeavors these days, so it should be no great surprise that there is a hall of fame for people who sew.

This news of a Sewing Hall of Fame probably has not caused a ripple of excitement to run through you. You're not sitting on pins and needles begging for more. Unless you're a tailor, dressmaker, seamstress or someone who sews as a hobby, the whole topic of sewing may strike you as mundane.

But stick with us for a few moments because this particular hall of fame leads us to a place where even those of us who don't know a needle from a pin can start to get the thread of what we're patching together here.


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