Bringing the Text to Life

A Fallen World; A Risen Christ 1 Corinthians 15:19-26

A Fallen World; A Risen Christ

Imagine a world where all the terrible stuff does notexist. God already has it in the works.

At a Glance

We start with a tragic story of a police officer who was killed, and then we zero in on what one of his comrades said in the aftermath. From there we take a look at BAD stuff and GOOD stuff, and conclude with some suggestions as to how to follow a risen Christ in a fallen world.

Editors' Pick

Homiletics has treated today's gospel text nine times. If you prefer to preach from the gospel reading, consider "Being Jesus," March 23, 2008. Go to Hamstringing and use the Scripture search box or Date search box.

February 2011. While responding to a suspicious person report, a 46-year-old police officer in St. Petersburg, Florida, is shot to death by a teenager. The officer's death hits that community very hard, not only because it happened, but also because he is St. Pete's third officer within 30 days to die in the line of duty after 30 years with no police officers being shot.

The wounded officer was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Then, as his body was wheeled...

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