Bringing the Text to Life

The Lost Art of Waiting Luke 13:1-9

The Lost Art of Waiting

Spiritual growth takes three things: truth, love and -- here's the hard part -- time.

At a Glance

It's easy to think that we live in an instant, on-demand world where data is a millisecond away and next-day delivery is as easy as a click of a button. But not so fast. Some things still take time -- even when traveling at 13,000 mph.

Editors' Pick

For material based on the epistle text, see "Building Down," March 18, 2001, at

In the late summer of 2012 the Mars rover named "Curiosity" landed on the surface of the red planet. It took just seven minutes for the rover to enter the atmosphere and touch down successfully -- less time than a ride on Splash Mountain at Disney World.

While most of the world tuned in and took notice of this amazing feat, many overlooked the fact that it was a long time coming -- a very long time in fact. NASA engineers spent roughly 8½ months simply waiting.

They had no choice. There was nothing they could do. They had to wait for more than eight months for Curiosity to travel the millions of miles between ...

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