Bringing the Text to Life

The Nazareth Syndrome Luke 4:21-30

The Nazareth Syndrome

You may be living with a prophet.

At a Glance

People who visit the Holy Land sometimes get so emotionally involved they begin to experience messianic delusions. Long ago, the congregation at the Nazareth synagogue thought there was just such a person in its midst.

Editors' Pick

For material based on the epistle text, see "U Before I," January 31, 2010, at

Picture this: You've just gotten off the plane for a tour in Israel. Maybe you're thinking of your trip as a vacation, a learning experience or a religious trek. Whatever the case, you're expecting this visit to be a special time. After all, you've been reading about this place in the Bible for years.

You're in the Holy Land, to be sure, but one thing you aren't expecting is to meet Jesus here in the flesh. But sure enough, when you enter the lobby of the hotel you've booked, a bearded man dressed in a robe made from bed sheets approaches you and tells you intensely in perfect English that he's the Messiah and that you must repent because redemption...

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