Bringing the Text to Life

The Hangover: Jesus Edition John 2:1-11

The Hangover: Jesus Edition

Jesus keeps the wine flowing -- gasp! -- at a wedding bash! What gives?

At a Glance

Yeah, The Hangover was funny. Bridesmaids was crazy. But they've got nothing on Jesus. His first miracle at Cana set the mold for wedding stories. By restocking the bar at the wedding in Cana, Jesus not only brought a beautiful wedding back from the brink of disaster, he kicked off a wedding celebration of his own so insanely awesome that it's still rocking and resonating to this day.

Editors' Pick

For material based on today's gospel reading, see "Orville, Wilbur and John," December 14, 2003 , at For material based on the epistle reading, see "Stick to Your Knitting," January 18, 1998, at

Yeah, The Hangover was funny. Yes, Bridesmaids was crazy. And of course, Wedding Crashers was epic. But when it comes to lights-out, wedding-day antics nobody beats Jesus. Nobody.

Hollywood has always had a thing for weddings -- making movies about them, that is. Apparently there's something about the drama of walking down the aisle, the commitment...

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