Bringing the Text to Life

Falling Stones Mark 13:1-8

Falling Stones

The Washington Monument. It's the world's tallest stone structure. But it's been closed recently out of concerns for safety. Even the most impressive works of human beings are fragile and temporary.

At a Glance

We begin with a story about the Washington Monument, one of the most well-known, man-made structures in the world. But, following an earthquake in the area, cracks developed, and the monument was closed to the public. That the Washington Monument could come tumbling to the ground in a pile of rubble is as startling as, well ... Jesus suggesting that the temple, an architectural crown jewel of the Middle East would someday be reduced to a heap of debris and dust.

Editors' Pick

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Your eyes can't help but be drawn upward.

Towering 555 feet over Washington, D.C., the Washington Monument demands a bit of jaw-dropping, neck-craning attention. It is the world's tallest all-stone structure, constructed of a mix of more than 36,000 marble, granite and gneiss blocks. The obelisk stands guard over the capital city, not only in honor of its namesake, George...

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