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A Suitable Suit Ephesians 6:10-20

A Suitable Suit

A new high-tech swimsuit is making Olympic swimmers go faster. A new suit for Christians isn't so sleek, but it's even more effective!

At a Glance

You'd think that Olympic swimmers who wore the least, i.e. skimpiest suit, would have a distinct advantage -- and some of those Speedos® a few Olympics ago were pretty skimpy (we're talking about the male swimmers). But the latest in Olympic swimwear covers much more of the body. Some have been described as full-body suits. The claims made for the suits are that they offer more buoyancy, less drag and the ability to see the competition better than ever. If you want to be competitive, it's not just enough to have talent -- you'd better be the best-dressed swimmer in the pool. You need a suitable suit. Naturally, you see the link to Ephesians 6, where the apostle Paul also talks about how to dress for duress.

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