Bringing the Text to Life

Highly Charged Romans 8:22-27

Highly Charged

The world is running out of gas, but fortunately God offers us a shocking new power source.

At a Glance

Using material from a report in The Economist, this material begins by looking at the single most important issue about electric cars: the problem of recharging the battery -- in terms of both where to recharge and how long it takes to recharge. If miles are limited, recharging stations need to be plentiful and accessible. The material then moves into the Pentecost theme. We, too, like car batteries, need continual recharging in order to make the long distance journey we call life.

Editors' Pick

For material based on the Acts 2:1-21 text, go to the Homiletics website where you can find more than a dozen treatments of this text. For example, take a look at "Catching the Wind" (May 11, 2008).

What is wrong with this car? Perhaps you've asked the question yourself. Most of us have, at one time or another.

You are driving along, thinking about your work, your schedule, your home life and a million other concerns that you juggle each day. Suddenly, as you are about to pull onto...

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