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Road Maps Acts 4:5-12

Road Maps

Christianity is not the only religious road on which people find hope and courage and even satisfaction, but salvation through Christ remains a true testimony.

At a Glance

You've no doubt heard people defend their apparent lack of religiosity or commitment to the Christian faith by declaring: "Well, I believe that all roads lead to God." But the apostle Peter, who famously is the saint who guards the door to heaven in folklore and jokes, strongly disagrees in the Acts text before us. So what do we say to the "All-roads-lead-to-God people?"

Editors' Pick

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"All roads lead to God."

If you're going to make that sort of a claim, it's best not to have a mouthy son-in-law. The "all-roads" statement was the frequent declaration of a highly educated woman -- let's call her Katherine -- who tended to spin out into new-age orbits and frequently dabbled in many religions.

Her wiseguy son-in-law -- let's call him Douglas -- is a Christian. One day he challenged her claim by pointing out that there were many ways to get to Chicago, where she lived. Some were...

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