Bringing the Text to Life

Jesus Puts Business Out of Business John 2:13-22

Jesus Puts Business Out of Business

Jesus teaches us that the definitions of good and great are all up to God.

At a Glance

The starting point is a couple of books that business guru Jim Collins wrote about 10 years ago -- Built to Last and the sequel, Good to Great. We look at how some of these "great" companies are doing today, and refer also to Collins' 2009 book, How the Mighty Fall. We then move to the biggest mall in Jerusalem in Jesus' day, the courtyard of the temple, and we watch Jesus scorch the business community and take them down.

Editors' Pick

For material based on the epistle reading, see "Your Call," January 31, 1999, at

What a difference a decade makes ....

In 2001, business author Jim Collins wrote his seminal book, Good to Great, as a sequel to his other groundbreaking work, Built to Last. Both books were aimed at profiling companies that had "made the leap" to greatness and were "built to last" well into the future. For example, in 2000, Circuit City was outperforming General Electric -- the old-school standard in electronics -- by 6-to-1 in the market....

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