Bringing the Text to Life

What Would You Grab? Romans 4:13-25

What Would You Grab?

Whether leaving a burning house or even life here on Earth, what you try to carry with you reveals who you really are.

At a Glance

This material begins with the hypothetical question: "What would you grab on the way out of your burning house?" A website is devoted to this question as well as the answers. People are invited to make their lists and post photos of their beloved objects. The material then moves to our highly doctrinal text, in which the apostle Paul asks a similar question, but it relates to our standing with God. What is it that we'll grab and present to God as evidence of how good we are? Paul pretty much says that there's nothing we have that's worth grabbing.

Editors' Pick

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If you awoke in the middle of the night to discover that your house were burning down, and every second remaining in the inferno put your own life at risk, what would you grab -- not counting people or pets -- on your way out?

It's a dinner-party question because the answers make for good conversation. Your...

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