Bringing the Text to Life

God to Mortals: Really?! Joel 2:1-2,12-17

God to Mortals: Really?!

The book of Joel is sort of God's way of slapping his forehead and shouting, "Really?"

At a Glance

Perhaps it's been directed at you when you've done something incredibly ill-advised or clumsy. Someone gives you a sneering glance, and then says, "Really?" You know in that moment, and by virtue of that one word, that the speaker thinks you're dumber than a rock.

Editors' Pick

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Every so often, it happens. Someone you desperately love or deeply respect manages to do something impossibly dumb -- at least in your estimation. Your son decides to drop out of college to become a professional poker player. Your teenage daughter dents her car not 10 minutes after you toss her the keys. Your elderly dad reveals that he's spent most of your inheritance on products from the Home Shopping Network. You find out that your best friend is ditching his lovely wife for a co-ed he found on Facebook. Impossibly dumb.

If you're like most people, then when you're sideswiped by someone...

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