Bringing the Text to Life

The Unweary Runner Isaiah 40:21-31

The Unweary Runner

The energy that results from "waiting on the Lord" is not boundless vigor, but the ability to carry on.

At a Glance

It's one of the most poetic and well-known texts of the Old Testament. The images of an eagle mounting an air current to take to the heavens, or a runner gathering new strength for a final push are enduring. Here we advance the

notion that Isaiah's runner is not a runner who's suddenly able to spurt to the finish line with boundless energy like someone with a Red Bull addiction, but is rather a steady practitioner of the art of life who simply runs -- without weariness.

Editors' Pick

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One of our Homiletics colleagues -- let's call him Julian -- used to manage a church camp. Each spring involved a lot of work to get the lodge, cabins and grounds ready for the summer program. Once the summer program started, our Julian had a staff to do the counseling, maintenance and cooking, but in the spring, he had to rely on whomever he could hire on an hourly basis.

One spring...

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