Bringing the Text to Life

Weddings, Inc. Matthew 22:1-14

Weddings, Inc.

God likes weddings, and a big one's planned for a date yet to be announced. And we're invited.

At a Glance

I Propose, Say Yes to the Dress, Cake Boss, My Big Redneck Wedding, Platinum Weddings, Engaged and Underage. These are a few of the wedding-themed reality shows on TV right now. American television is obsessed with weddings. And why not? We spend some $70 billion on them annually. BTW, don't let your eschatological slip show as you work through this material. Good people of faith are dressing differently for this event. Work with what you have.

Editors' Pick

For an alternative approach to this same gospel text, see "Be My Guest," October 13, 2002, at:

Wedding dress? Check.

Flowers? Check.

Cake? Check.

Preacher, DJ and photographer? Check, check, and check.

Documentary film crew, ready to capture every second of your incredible day, edit it down to 22 minutes and air it on basic cable so that women everywhere can critique it and men with the remote flip past it? Check.

That's right. Weddings aren't just private, family affairs that suck up Saturday afternoons...

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