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The Isaiah Budget Isaiah 55:1-5

The Isaiah Budget

The sluggish economy has forced people to tighten their belts, but how will we act once the crisis is over? Isaiah provides some advice.

At a Glance

This material looks at a survey of the spending habits of Americans during the economic downturn and breaks it down according to food, clothes, transportation and shelter. We look at the data and those who have interpreted it and make a few observations of our own. Then, turning to Isaiah, we discover that he, too, is concerned about what people are spending on bread and other things that don't satisfy. This leads him to propose what we've called The Isaiah Budget.

Editors' Pick

For material based on the Gospel text, see "R.O.I.," August 4, 2002, at

With the economy still recovering very, very slowly (at least as of this writing), most of us have been tightening our belts a bit over the last few years. More and more families are creating household budgets, for example, which help to prioritize spending.

So, would you like to have MORE disposable income? You can have it by revising your budget. Here's how you can have more spending money in your pocket:

* If ...

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