Bringing the Text to Life

Wheat, Not Weeds Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43

Wheat, Not Weeds

Jesus has some advice for people who have a hankering for weed-pulling.

At a Glance

This material gives an in-depth look at the problem of weeds growing in a field of wheat, including some detailed information about the difficulty a contemporary wheat farmer faces with weeds in the crop.

Editors' Pick

For material based on this same text, we suggest looking at "Welcome or Warning," July 21, 1996, available at

The St. Louis Cardinals didn't win the World Series last year - or the year before. They weren't even in the World Series. But manager Tony La Russa, who has four World Series rings, is a lock for a future first-ballot pass to Cooperstown.

But in June of 2009, La Russa was mad. He wasn't yelling at the home-plate or first-base umpire, but he was yelling in court. He filed suit against Twitter for allowing someone to "twitterjack" his name - which, for a high-profile celebrity figure such as himself - is sort of like his brand. Someone other than himself had created a Twitter account in his name and said some really nasty things...

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