Bringing the Text to Life

To Ban or Not to Ban Song of Solomon 2:8-13

To Ban or Not to Ban

The sensual and the spiritual come together in a book of the Bible that reveals the Lord's burning desires.

At a Glance

This is a text that preachers would rather not preach. Many wonder why such an erotic text is included in sacred Scripture at all. We begin by reviewing materials that cultural entities in the past have deemed ban-worthy and then ask and answer this question: Why should we listen to what this happy Hebrew is singing about?

Editors' Pick

For material based on today's gospel text, see "The Greatest Generation," July 4, 1999, at

In January 2010, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary was banned in a California elementary school.

Yes, the dictionary.

Merriam Webster showed real audacity, nerve and insensitivity by providing a clear, concise definition of a certain sex act.

"It's just not age appropriate," said a district representative.

But the dictionary wasn't alone. Other books recently removed include:

* Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? The Texas Education Board banned this beloved children's book in January 2010. It seems author Bill Martin has the same name ...

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