Bringing the Text to Life

Abandonment? No Way! Acts 1:6-14

Abandonment? No Way!

What to do with a messed-up planet? We can abandon it for someplace better or advance it into someplace better.

At a Glance

World-renowned scientist Stephen Hawking recently suggested that if the human species is to survive, it needs to consider abandoning our planet and seeking refuge elsewhere in the universe. We're wondering if the disciples didn't think that Jesus, leaving earth in such a spectacular fashion on "Ascension Day," wasn't sort of abandoning the earth and abandoning them. What were they to do?

Editors' Pick

For material based on this same text, see "Double Dutch," May 23, 1993, in the Homiletics archives,

Stephen Hawking is the physicist-mathematician-cosmologist with longer alphabet soup credentials on his business card than any living human. One needs an advanced degree just to understand Hawking's areas of research. He's written many books, including the international best-selling A Brief History of Time. And whenever the boundaries of human potential are discussed, a sound bite from Hawking is a certainty. From human space flight to alien life to...

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