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Driving in the Valley of Death Psalm 23

Driving in the Valley of Death

We have help when we're in life's dark valleys because God has "test-driven" them ahead of time.

At a Glance

We've read and perhaps memorized Psalm 23. We know about still waters and green pastures. This text narrows our vision to the "dark valley" and offers an explanation for how these words might have meaning for us today. For that, we go first to Death Valley, California.

Editors' Pick

For a different approach to this same text, Psalm 23, see "The Six Longest Short Verses in the Bible," May 7, 1995, in the Homiletics archives, Search by Date or by Scripture.

Death Valley, in California, is the lowest, driest and hottest desert in the United States. Since we began keeping records, the hottest temperature in this country - 134 degrees - occurred there, and it isn't uncommon to have day after day of 120 degrees in the summer. So if you're planning to visit Death Valley, you'd be wise to choose one of the other seasons.

In the carefully measured language of the official brochure of Death Valley National Park:

Summer starts early in Death Valley. By May the...

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