Bringing the Text to Life

Coffin Academy John 20:1-18

Coffin Academy

A seminar puts people through a fake death and resurrection to help them
understand life. Jesus, on the other hand, didn’t need to fake it!

At a Glance

How would you like to step into a coffin, get comfortable and have the lid nailed shut? It’s all part of a seminar in which people are paying to “experience” death and then “experience” a resurrection. The good news is that we don’t have to do that: Jesus has already been laid in the tomb and risen again. New life is ours!

Editors’ Pick

For a different approach pertaining to this same text, we suggest looking at “Jesus on Ice,” April 20, 2003.

On a typical day in Daejeon, South Korea, Jung Joon puts several people into wooden coffins and pounds the lids shut with a wooden hammer. That wouldn’t seem unusual if Jung were an undertaker, as his blue suit and funeral director demeanor would seem to indicate. Nor would it be unusual if the people in question were dead. But, in fact, Jung isn’t… and they aren’t.

Jung is an entrepreneur, and each wooden coffin lined up in a room at his place of business contains a very live person who paid $25 for the privilege of being “dead” for 10...

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