Bringing the Text to Life

The Greatest Teacher Ever Isaiah 50:4-9a

The Greatest Teacher Ever

Who is the greatest teacher of all time?

At a Glance

We know that Jesus Christ is our risen Lord and Savior. But he also happens to be the greatest teacher of all time. We start the discussion with a reference to a recent book that looks at a list of history’s great teachers. In this ranking, Socrates is at the top. It isn’t an unreasonable choice. But we beg to differ.

Editors’ Pick

If you’re interested in preaching on the traditional Palm Sunday text from Matthew 21, we suggest looking at “Christopher,” March 20, 2005.

The pastor invited the children to come up to the front for a little message during worship. After they’d settled down, he posed a question: “What’s brown, has a bushy tail, eats nuts and lives in trees?”

At the outer edge of the circle of kids was a hyper little boy whose hand shot up immediately. He’d obviously been to a lot of Sunday school classes because his response reflected his training: “I think the answer’s a squirrel,” he answered. “But I’m going to say Jesus.”

So if we ask you now, “Who is the greatest ...

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