Bringing the Text to Life

God Gadgets Isaiah 2:1-5

God Gadgets

Looking for the perfect gift? How about pants with computer parts sewn in or a bikini that charges your iPod?

Thinking about your Christmas shopping already? It’s never too early, but as you’re thinking about what to get for the person who “has everything,” you might want to look at some new products that are pushing the boundaries of innovation and, some would say, good taste. Think of these in the same vein as the soap on a rope we used to buy for Dad every year. Although the idea seemed to be that putting a rope on soap would help Dad forego the annoyance of having to use an actual soap dish, we’d rarely think of putting ropes and soaps together at any other time of year.

To that end, look at the sidebar on page 34 for several new gadgets that combine disparate items into some ostensibly practical but certainly odd gifts you never knew you needed. Think of them as soap on a rope powered and primed for the 21st century. For example, there’s your Grassy Lawn Charging Station, the Egokast LCD screen belt buckle, a laptop for your pants or in your pants, a toaster printer and a bikini that’ll...

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