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How to Make Your Christ Wish List Colossians 1:11-20

How to Make Your Christ Wish List

Thomas the Train, Nintendo Wii, Polka Dancing Elmo — all past favorites

Brace yourselves: Christmas is coming.

Today is the Sunday before Black Friday, and our newspapers, mailboxes and inboxes will be crammed with sexy ads luring us toward the hottest sales, gadgets and toys of the year.

We aren’t going to pile on with the “presents bad, Jesus good” routine here, but be aware that during the next few days, the pre-Christmas advertising will be over the top. Retail desperately wants to define our holiday desires.

Families are especially targeted, what with poor little Jimmy and Jamie living an incomplete life without this year’s must-have Christmas toys. Every year the toy changes, but we all remember the biggest hits of the past.

Barbie, Mr. Potato Head, Tinker Toys and Lincoln Logs are deep in the archives of history.

The hot toys of the ’60s were Spirograph, G.I. Joe, Lite-Brite and Hot Wheels race cars.

In the ’70s, LEGOS and Star Wars figures left all other toys in the dust, while Barbie continued to dominate the little-girl market. Video games appeared...

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