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Mal-ads Damage the Church Luke 13:10-17

Mal-ads Damage the Church

Mal-ads are doing some major damage — to our computers but also to our churches and to those who won’t step inside them.

The Trojan Horse. Ancient Greek Myth and Modern Geek Method. Yes, it appears that computer hackers have learned from Troy.

The actual historicity of the Trojan Horse of Troy is still debated, but its story lives on. Virgil’s epic poem The Aeneid concludes the story of the Greek army’s failed 10-year siege of Troy. Unable to scale the city’s massive walls, the Greeks created a last-ditch effort: a giant, hollowed-out wooden horse. They stashed 30 warriors inside it, pushed it to the gates of Troy and boarded their ships to sail away in feigned defeat.

In victory celebration, the Trojans pulled the trophy horse into their city center. Under the dark of night, the Greek ships returned to shore, and the soldiers inside the horse emerged to open the city gates for their comrades.

Troy was sacked that night, and the story birthed the saying, “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.”

Today we heed another warning: Beware of geeks bearing gifts.

A modern-day Trojan Horse is a type of computer virus,...

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