Bringing the Text to Life

Job, the Submission Wrestler Job 38:1-7 (34-41)

Job, the Submission Wrestler

Taunting. Screaming. Grappling. Kicking. It’s become a barbaric form of entertainment. So what can wrestling tell us about spiritual growth?

If you have a dispute with somebody, how do you resolve it?

If you’re a kid, you play Rock-Paper-Scissors, have a foot race, a staring contest or a good on-the-ground, face-in-the-dirt wrestling match.

But if you’re an adult, sitting on a bar stool in the Do-Drop Inn, you might say to your adversary, “Let’s take this outside.” Or not. Chances are, you can settle matters inside, right then and there, in a very responsible, adult way.

Unfortunately, fighting between two combatants is an age-old means of establishing dominance.

• In the Mesopotamian poem “The Epic of Gilgamesh,” Gilgamesh established his leadership by wrestling Enkidu.

• In Greek mythology, Zeus rises to rule the earth by beating down his father, Cronus, in a blockbuster battle.

• From China to Greece to Egypt, the ancient world enjoyed competitive wrestling.

• The Romans originally wrestled naked … we’ll leave it at that.

• Even before Babylon swept Jerusalem into captivity, boxing was already a celebrated Olympic sport in ...

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