Bringing the Text to Life

G-Force Mark 6:30-34, 53-56


A Disney movie opens this week in which the G-Force attempts to save the world!

Jerry Bruckheimer is a household name in the entertainment world. He has produced mega-hit cash cows, from Top Gun and Pirates of the Caribbean on the silver screen to CSI and Amazing Race on the small screen. Next week, Disney unveils G-Force, Bruckheimer’s stab at 3-D film.

He has partnered with a highly unlikely cast: three guinea pigs, a fly and a mole.

Together, they’re the G-Force: a covert government team of highly trained animal spies. The team includes a martial-arts expert, a transportation specialist, a tech geek and a literal fly-on-the-wall surveillance whiz. They’re commanded by squad leader Darwin, a rodent who probably isn’t unintentionally named, given how highly evolved he seems.

The fate of the world rests in the paws of this G-Force. They must foil the attempts of an evil billionaire to dominate the world. It’s a familiar plot line with Disney-esque superheroes.

There’s a G-Force at work in this text

In this film, G-Force may stand for Guinea Pig Force. But in...

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