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A Choir for the Complaining 2 Corinthians 6:1-13

A Choir for the Complaining

Bellyache, moan and whine. The apostle Paul could have joined the chorus of complaining. But he didn’t.

Got a pet peeve, a growing gripe or a common complaint? Here’s an option: Set it to music and round up your neighbors to sing about it.

If you do, you’ll be part of a new fad that’s breaking out around the world: choirs for complainers.

The idea is quite simple. You invite people to list the things that irritate them, hire a local musician to convert those complaints into lyrics and set them to music. What you have then is a bellyaching band belting out their beefs together.

Such a choir of complainers in Birmingham, England, recently intoned “The slugs will eat my lettuce/and dogs won’t clean their poo/I haven’t won the lottery/Life’s going down the loo,” and then launched into a rousing refrain of: “I want my money back!”

In Chicago, another combo of carpers performed their anthem of annoyance: “Chicagoland! Chicagoland! Sounds like we live in an amusement park ... We don’t want the Olympics here! ... Only tourists ...

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